Prince Of Wales Bay Marina

Prince of Wales Bay Marina is the first major marina in Prince of Wales Bay offering environmentally friendly service options and a quality customer service system with easy access for maintenance and repair work. The marina includes space for 150 cars plus toilet, shower and laundry facilities.

Marina Office Hours

  • Mon - Fri

    9am - 4pm - 24 hour on site security

  • 20 Bender Drive, Prince of Wales Bay, Tasmania 7009. Call 0400 927 510
  • Prince Of Wales Bay Marina

  • The Prince of Wales Bay Marina is a world class marina boasting a 300 berth floating Poralu Marine pontoon system with state of the art marine facilities. Prince of Wales Bay is well positioned in the commercial part of Hobart just a short 10 minutes from the city.

    At the hub of the world renowned Tasmanian maritime Network, Prince of Wales Bay is ideally suited for a marina. Environmentally friendly service options, deep water and all weather shelter combined with easy access to all services and maintenance requirements.

    We provide the best quality service centre, based on clean environmental practices in a world class marina.



We have been at the marina for 2 years and we couldn’t be happier, the service and hospitality is exceptional, nothing is a ever a problem.